I have been blessed in life to have finally found a solution for my weight and compulsive overeating disorder! I never could have done it without the guidance & incredible knowledge of Express Home Fitness. I have lost 100lbs in the past 8 months, just had surgery and because I was in such GREAT physical and mental health I had no complications!! Never in my life have I felt and look so amazing. I went from a size 18 to a now proud size 6. I owe it all to you guys! Thank you for giving me back my life.
Lari London

I’ve been training with Express Home Fitness for about five years. I just « technically » became a senior but I feel better and stronger than ever. Best decision I ever made!
Doris Parker

I started with Express Home Fitness after having my 3rd son. Despite trying on my own, I was unable to lose the extra weight until I signed up and got the dedicated one-on-one training I needed. My trainer wasn’t just interested in collecting a paycheck, he was truly dedicated to helping me lose the weight and ensured that I stayed on track until I got back and actually far surpassed my pre-pregnancy shape. After my, now, 4th son, I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life.
Leticia Gagliano

I am six foot, one inch tall and weighed about 195 lbs at the time I started with Express Home Fitness. I was looking to gain mass and muscle. its been about 3 months and i’ve seen tremendous gains already. Currently I weigh around 230 lbs and I’m in the best shape of my life. Express Home Fitness helped me to become the size I want by getting me on a correct diet and by showing me intense workouts to gain mass and muscle. There trainers are extremely professional and friendly and they also push you to your max! The confidence i’ve gained is great. I highly recommend using them.
Tom Ricciardi

In 2010 I became a new business owner and had zero time to work out. Express Home Fitness changed all that. They were very flexible with my hectic schedule, and made working out fun again! Their variety of intense exercise programs and individualized food plans allowed me to achieve my fitness goals I otherwise never would have reached on my own. I suggest Express Home Fitness to everyone, especially those who are constantly on the run!
Lisa Marie Latino

I am a college football athlete. Words cannot describe on how much express home fitness has done for me. When I first started, I was 167 weak, small, just an average person. No college would give me a chance to walk on and play on the next level because of my size, Now im 200lbs solid, Im bigger, faster, stronger then I have ever dreamed. Not only did it give me the ability to play college football but woman love the way I look. It gave me such a confidence boost for my self esteem. Express home fitness made my dreams come true!
Mike Magnifico

I’v been training with express home fitness consistently for the last 2 years. When I started with express home fitness I was 195LBS and wasn’t happy with the strength gains I was getting on my own. After two years with express home fitness the results are outstanding. I am now a solid 220LBS. The strength and size gains that I have had over the time period is all because of the training I received from the great trainers employed by express home fitness. Currently I am training for a specific event and the trainers of express home fitness have written me a diet and changed up my workout for the best results. I am confident that when the time comes for my training to take affect because of all the hard work that I put in with express home fitness I will succeed with flying colors. They have truly made the gym an addiction and not just one more thing that you do because you think you should. Thank you express home fitness!
Matthew Froisland

Express Home Fitness puts its clients first, they make programs for the clients specifically and care for the health of the client. They have helped me train for collegiate football and get me into great shape for my firefighter exams. They helped me lose the weight I need and get into the best shape for a football and firefighting.
Ryan DeCoursey

After I turned 40, I just let it go. Before I knew it, I was 30 or more pounds overweight. I kind of just gave up, and figured I would just be pleasant and plump. Our son was training with Express Home Fitness. He looked and felt so good, I thought « what the heck, I might as well give it a try » I told myself I only had to stick with it for two weeks for it to be considered a real « try ». It is now almost three years later, I am over thirty pounds thinner, my diet has completely changed, I feel great, and I have soooo much energy!! I went from feeling schluppy to strong!!!! This is a program that really works!!! Just try it for two weeks…..you never know!!!!!
Beth Rogers

I wanted to take the time to thank Express Home Fitness for everything you did for me to help me prepare for my big day. You helped me lose weight and tone up for my wedding and, in doing so, have made me feel confident and comfortable. You have helped me reach my goal weight and look the best I have ever looked before. You taught me how to eat properly and healthy. I can’t thank you enough for everything you did.
Janelle Enderle

I started training with Express Home Fitness about one year ago. I had always exercised but I was not happy with the results I was achieving. My trainer took me seriously from the start and immediately began to educate me as to why I was not accomplishing the goals I had set. I followed his advice and I saw results immediately. I am constantly raising my achievement goals and Express Home Fitness is right there with me!! I would recommend Express Home Fitness to anyone who wants to better their health.
Doreen Gallagher

Express Home Fitness gave me the results I always wanted in a workout and more. Beside the intensity level that they provided, it was their understanding of what my goals were and how they executed specific work outs to my body type. My bench went up and my waist size went down (3 inches to be exact) and hand in hand with that my confidence dramatically increased. It wasn’t just a work out it was a lifestyle change, and we all know that change is good. I would recommend express home fineness to any person who is willing to finally get back in shape.
Anthony Paris

As a teenager, I was a cheerleader with a lean body and mild to moderate muscle tone. During college and graduate school, working out became difficult to fit in my schedule, leaving me « flabby » in areas I never was. I turned to express home fitness to attempt to achieve that body I had in high school. Now, a little over a year later, I can honestly say that I have a better-than-high school body. With various routines that include weight training combined with cardiovascular work outs, I am able to see the athletic build I would have never achieved without a personal trainer to guide me. Not many people can say that they feel better than they did in high school….don’t you want to see how this can happen to you? Don’t miss out on what you never thought you could achieve. Try Express Home Fitness and utilize the assistance you need to achieve your goals!
Dina Bieber