Rules of Express Home Fitness

  • Booking: Please confirm your personal training appointments with your trainer at least a week in advance.
  • Payment: All Payment for personal training services is due upfront and in full. Partial payments are not accepted.
  • No Refunds: No Refunds for sessions.
  • Cancellation of session due to client: Any personal training session canceled will be charged at the rate of a full session. However, it a client may have his session postponed if the trainer agrees.
  • Lateness: If a session starts late due to client’s lateness, the workout is shortened and the personal training session will be completed at a scheduled time. Session starts late due to trainer’s lateness, trainer will still give client a full 60 minute session. It is the client’s responsibility to make sure he/she comes at the right time.
  • Cancellation of session due to trainer: If a trainer cancels a session with less than 24 hours notice, the client is entitled to a free session. A canceled session due to weather is acceptable.
  • No Shows: If a trainer arrives at client’s home and client is not at home or unavailable, trainer will wait 15 minutes before leaving. Client will be charged for that personal training session.
  • Payment Options: All Major Credit Cards, Cash, Personal Checks, and Business Checks.