Videotelephony to feature in Viber Plus

avril 16, 2018

Viber is one of the new free app on the smartphone market which is developed to meet the features of Skype and Google Voice. Viber is able to both send and receive text messages and make or receive calls over Internet Connection. Only Whatsapp is any app which can offer the same features as viber. Viber is another texting app which lets people to send texts and voice call each other.

Online messaging is not something new it has been used extensively for over a decade. People who have a good number of friend circle use this extensively. Though, sending messages is not highly secure. Specially, unencrypted messages over Wi-Fi. There have been details shared over the internet, some programs like Network-Miner can spy on the messages sent to over unencrypted source over a Wi-Fi. Any person having access to the Wi-Fi Network can easily sneak over to the messages send and received of other people. The messages can be any type of data like text message, video message, voice message and photo message.

This flaw has been fixed already on majority of messaging apps by employing the encrypted security feature. The flaw was identified by Viber who posted on YouTube about the flaw. Encrypted messages use the 64bit security programs which are very tough to break into and spy. Remember no program is flawless! Other Social Apps like photo sharing app – Instagram and Facebook were also victims of Network-Miner.

Risks of using Facebook is also a great concern. Having unknow people view your profile and data like photos and status can be life-threatening as these leads to tracking activities of people without their consent. It is a grave warning to people who use Facebook without the knowledge of its harmful effects to their lives.
There has been reports about viber testing it newest boundless feature of Video Calling in Philippines. Through it is not determined weather it will be free or not. If it does manage to be economical to viber to be a free feature then it will surely boost Viber’s growth in the market. The testing is being done at pacquiaovsbradley. It is recommended to create backup of viber chats and other data as viber’s system don’t store it for more than 24 hours on their system. It can be done using either a computer or a cloud-based service.

When Smartphone Applications like Viber and Whatsapp came there was a big problem with the cost of SMS. People used SMS as a way to communicate especially youngsters but with the introduction of Viber things changed it is well known that the telecom sector had a taken a big hit after the launch of Whatsapp and Viber. Messaging Apps allowed people to send more than just a bunch of text. People now had an option to send lengthy text messages, photos, videos and other documents. This all also came with a fast speed. Unlike SMS which usually takes about 60 seconds to receive after the send sends. Internet based messaging apps have a really fast response time. A message sent can be received the very same second. Viber is mainly funded by its founders and private investors. It’s main competitors are Wechat in Asian markets and Whatsapp in Americas and Europe.

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