WhatsApp Features Which If Added Can Make WhatsApp Invincible

juin 29, 2018

WhatsApp is a must to have social network applications for smartphone users. After its acquisition by Facebook lately it has become the best messaging service in the globe, specially to users of Android where it serves VOIP. WhatsApp now seems more lively with of the all new design. There have been new updates like of the blue ticks and WhatsApp calling, but privacy is still an issue for many users. Many people use service like literaturaenpapelhigienico where a WhatsApp account can be spied and hacked for miscellaneous purpose. With WhatsApp becoming mainstream with about 1 billion downloads so far, it’s time the developers started trying to make things a little more private for the user. So their messages are kept private and they feel safe while using it.

Here are WhatsApp privacy features we’d love to have, shortly:

In built application lock: With of the amount of personal data shared on WhatsApp, its high time WhatsApp has an in built application lock or opt for an obligatory four digit sign-in mechanism. Obviously, there are various 3rd party application lockers available on the market, but none are trustworthy. Nevertheless, WhatsApp can tweak it a bit and present a timed invisible mode. This may be helpful when you’re having a serious chat with 1 or 2 people. While invisible, the specific user won’t be shown on-line in the contact list.

Busy manner: WhatsApp can be annoying sometimes, particularly when you’re working and prefer people to call you rather than sending texts over WhatsApp. WhatsApp users usually mute their phone or turn off their mobile internet to eliminate the constant notifications. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a busy mode wherein chat notifications could stop popping out. While using the busy mode, the users accessibility status would show as Busy which suggests all of the chats will be visible to of the user only after he’s got out of busy mode.

Obviously, it’s possible to block an unknown contact on WhatsApp, however it seems a little rude. WhatsApp could take a bit of inspiration from LinkedIn with regards to adding people. In addition, people who don’t belong to the friend list could send a maximum of 3 messages at first. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take your words back in a few seconds of sending the message?

Text only messages: There may be several contacts from whom you may want text messages only without video, no meme cards, no pictures if you comprehend what we mean. Overall WhatsApp has been doing well and can do a lot better if proper features are given to it.

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