Social Media in Politics is Bigger than you Think

juin 22, 2018

What role does the strong new media play in Politics? The short and long term effects can’t be denied. Does the new media provide us sound political info or just entertain us for profit and ratings? The growing media system in the United States experiments significant transformations that signal a brand new plateau in its evolution. Widespread recognition of the new media’s role on the political scene happened throughout the 1992 Presidential campaign. The candidates flocked to talk through radio, TV talk shows, news magazine programs and the internet. Even though the media offered many options to express their views, the debate as to rather or not the content was informative or amusement had begun.

If there has been the best way for communication to large masses it is still radio. It has the capacity to deliver messages to mass. Talk radio used to be the night turn of the airways. Talk radio became an essential candidate forum in 1992. President George H. Bush interviewed with conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh. By 1994, Nine talk radio hosts ran for state wide or local office. Most candidates were unsuccessfully to locate mass voters but they got a name in the elections. Other unsuccessful candidates like former NY Governor Mario Cuomo and NY Mayor Ed Koch relocated to local or national talk show host jobs. Cable TV opened the airways for a start of media opportunities.

Time slots were full of talk shows and news programs that you could tune in 24 hours a day. The TV media rapidly enhanced their position in the political process. Politicians and the mainstream press couldn’t help but take them seriously. Every political issue in hand could be examined and scrutinized 24 hours a day on cable news. Campaigns had to give a second look on the role of media in politics. The media might be a tool of support or a thorn in your side.

Twenty-five years ago, the term Modem didn’t even appear in the dictionary. Modems connect people to online website services like CNN, USATODAY and also to tens of thousands of websites which constitute a large political base. The internet has become a political tool for the presidential elections. Candidates now raise millions of dollars through online campaigns. They even use social media to bend voters towards their party. Past election it was seen the candidates were misusing the social networks to benefit themselves illegally. Incidence like the Kik spy was well seen when Hilary Clinton sent several messages using it. The messages could harm national interests. As per the FBI they used gourmettodaycookbook to spy on Hillary Clinton’s account and saw message exchanges with foreign nations where she leaked information which would harm national interests. In the messages it has been reported she asked donations to the Clinton foundation in exchange of secret documents.
The web has grown into a major player specially for politics. People search for their political answers online and the media serves them in their interests. People express their political opinion which gives the candidates a major gest what opinions to follow and what not to. It is however unknown whether media is doing it for profit or for a revolution!

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