Importance of Fitness at Home

décembre 29, 2017

Fitness is an important part of our life. Ignoring it can cost us a lot in health. It helps us to keep our body healthy which results in extension of life. Gaining a fit body helps reduce several diseases. A fit body is neither very slim nor fat. A fit body has the perfect thickness of body parts. People with fat body tends to face several diseases which do not occur to fit people. Fat people carry unnecessary weight which affects their knees. Knee pain is very common among unfit people while rare in fit persons.

Fitness is a healthy way of life. A person who regularly exercises keeps his body in shape. While exercising people also gain by keeping their mental health calm. Studies suggest people who regularly exercise have a very calm mind. People with hypertension have found exercising beneficial to their mental health.

Fitness also has some cons. People complain about the time it takes to complete the exercise routine. As time passes people stop complaining about this but exercising really takes a lot of time. Dreaming a slim and fit body also has effects on the persons pocket. An hour of training can cost a person anywhere between $15 to $60. The money spent on fitness includes training costs, diet cost and equipment cost. This money spent is actually an investment in a body where the body pays out with less diseases and longer life. It is also important to note that excessive exercises can lead to body problems. People who excessively exercise may get physically and mentally effected. Over exercise can get people weight more which leads to diseases faced by fat people. It is duly important to note that exercises should be done in a good and correct manner. Exercising in poor manner affects ones body structure leading to permanent body problems. It is highly advisable to follow their trainers correctly. Doing exercises correctly is more important than the number of exercise done.

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  • Reply Nanncy décembre 31, 2017 at 4:20

    How many sessions of training would i need to complete the course. I weight 69 kilos and aged 20 female.

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